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Minting completed.

Listed on Magiceden.

Discord verification for holders.

Giveaway and more.

Release $ASCII Token and holders can earn $ASCII by staking.

Allocate 50% royalties to holders.

Will be updated for more



American Standard Code for Information Interexchange - assigns letters, numbers, characters, and symbols a slot in the 256 available slots in the 8-bit code.

Most computers use ASCII to represent text, which makes data transfer between different systems possible.

The standard ASCII text uses 7-bits to represent the characters. Other extended character sets use 8-bits to represent non-English characters.

ASCII Sections

0-32 are Non-printable system codes.

32-127 are Standard ASCII or lower ASCII codes and are based on 7-bits.

128-255 are Higher ASCII codes. These depend upon the language of the Operating System and program.

AsciiPunk is 10,000 unique collections created using A.I. and #Solana blockchain-based artworks

Phase-1: 2500 pcs >> Free SOL

Phase-2: 2500 pcs >> Free SOL

Phase-3: 2500 pcs >> Free SOL

Phase-4: 2500 pcs >> 0.05 SOL

Total: 10.000 pcs

Note: You need a small amount of Solana in your wallet to make a free mint. (Network fee + precaution against bots.)

Secondary Market: Magiceden

Phantom is the recommended wallet.

There will only be 10.000 AsciiPunk available.

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